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Sorry, I have lost the code. As I mentioned in the comment above I created this scenario as part of a demo at a conference - it took only 10 minutes to write the code and talk about it as I did so. The basic principle of the jumping is the same as in the jumping tutorial video (from the Greenfoot website).
@GameCode, best thing to do is create a new discussion (Discuss tab at the top of the gallery page) and talk about the problem, and give a link to your scenario. Probably it is actually something that you are doing wrong...
I think this is really well done. However, sometimes I start off facing a rock or the edge of the map, so I can't move at all without losing some health. Also, it would nice to be able to see the stats of the enemy ship (at least its health).
Interesting backstory...!
"Collage level" LOL I think it should say "College" :)
Builderboy, I think Greenfoot should allow subfolders for images - it sounds like a bug if it's not working properly. One thing: you may have to use forward slashes ("/") instead of backslashes in the filename.
Safari on Mac OS X 10.6 also is fine. I haven't looked at the source, but do you consume the mouse events? (I think there is a "consume()" method in the MouseEvent class, or something like that). You may need to consume them to prevent them from getting to the browser window. Worth a try anyway.
I get an exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: The specified gif file doesn't exist. at GifActor$ at GifActor.loadImages( at GifActor.setImage( at Wombat.addedToWorld( at greenfoot.World.addObject( at WombatWorld.<init>(