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And now I can't remember if I wanted the second 0.1.1 to be 0.1.2 or 0.2...
This is meant to be a utility class, but I'm not done yet. X movement is a bit buggy right now, but I think I have an easy fix for it. The position, size, title, and color of the windows can be customized in the Window constructor class.
A bit late, but better than nothing I suppose.
Right now the way it is set up, when calculating the y positions, I replace all substrings of "`x" with the x position. If I were to use "x", I would run into problems: "max(x)" would go to "ma30.0(30.0)" when calculating for 30.0.
I misspoke when I said I ONLY have time on the weekends. I do have some time on some weekdays when my workload is small. Like this week. Also, that update was extremely small, I believe I added 12 words.
I was merely updating the description.
The detector just looks for regular intervals between clicks. If you have a clicker that does like a long-short-long-short sequence, the detector will have trouble.
3692 clicks or 3692 BPM?
The player is basically just a bunch of PowerPoint shapes. The way I "animated" the player was by creating a 4-frame walk cycle (left foot, rest, right foot, rest), and the resting positions are the same image. So the program's cycling through those three images.