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I hadn't noticed that. I'll try to fix it.
I use JavaScript (JS for short) for web design, and often I am frustrated by various things in the language. Some people really enjoy it, though.
Java is not JavaScript.
I change the third number for a minor update, the second for a normal update, and the first for a major update.
0.x to 0.(x+1) would be for a minor update.
Well usually 0.x is a larger update than 0.x.y (for example, 0.2 vs. 0.1.1).
Also, the version IDs aren't really "numbers". I just don't like have things like 0.11 skipping to 0.20.
It is supposed to be reusable. Right now I haven't posted the source because it's not ready yet (there are only buttons), and because (last I checked) every time I update this, I would have to re-click the source code button, I would like to just wait until it is ready.