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I like it, it's well done, no bugs fount, i think is a pretty fine game, and entertaining... a background music would be awesome, keep up with the good work!
Hey man, thanks for commenting... after playing level 2 for half and hour, and trying to debus, didn't find anything wierd, what i can think of, is that you think it's a bug not being able to get close to the dragon.... it'a part of the sintaxis of the program, the swords are suppossed to be thrown from the most left part, and you can't move after you reach a part, there is an area where you can move, but the movement is restricted to not get close to the dragon. The "barrier" is always there, and is suppossed to be, for the gameplay and sintaxis... If it's not that, please be sure to specify the bug for me to fix it, thanks for comenting! :D hope you enjoyed it.
There are a LOT of bugs, collision needs to be fixed, jumping, level passing, sometimes when trying to pass a level it even teleports me to the gate, and other stuff, so, there is a lot of debugging to do here, but i think the idea of the game is very cool, keep up the work!
Needs work, i still don't realize how to pass to level 2, or what should i do on level one, just walk? sooooo a little tutorial or something, about what to do, because really, i'm lost, but can be a cool game, i like the animation, keep up the work!
No bugs, so it's cool, but basically all levels are THE SAME, just different backgrounds, so it's repetitive, and kinda boring, try to make it more attractive, and improve gameplay, keep up the work!
Young man!!! papu 3!! xD i have some recommendations, 1st, you should make the pj able to shoot only once per a time, have some delay to shoot again, or at least, make it not an proyectile minigun, but if that's how it's planned, it's fine... also.. you can end the game in 25 seconds without even shooting, so maybe the gameplay needs a review... also you can add music or animation, to make it more attractive, and i think that's it, no bugs found, keep up with the good work!
Siguen habiendo algunos problemas, pero va bien, me gusta el menú principal, se podría mejorar la colisión con paredes y el salto.
I think this needs some improve, interface it's not working well, but gameplay it's fine, i think, it's simple so there shoulnd't be a lot of bugs, keep up the work!
This is the beta, right? It's nice, but can be improved, you could make it more attractive, add some music or animations, some kind of effect. Also, it's short, a little bit more would be cool, but if that's what you planned, or wanted to do, it's fine.