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Maaan this game is really cool, i like the new music :D 2 things, first AND THE MOST IMPORTANT, HOLY SHIT MAN YOU GOT A BIG PROBLEM... if you pick hansel, it's icon is the greenfoot icon, it happens bro, happened to me twice :v so check that out, also, in the final part, i had 2 repeated questions, it'd be cool if you could make them not appear again, at least in the current attempt, just a suggestion... I like that at the end, now it has something more interactive, makes the game more complete. Keep up with the good work, nice game! + 10 troesma, plox :'v
Heeeeyyy pichu pichu!!! nice work!! i can see that you focused your work a lot on the history, instead of gameplay, mine is the opposite, i cared A HUGE MORE about the gameplay, both look cool to me, nice work, i like the music c: keep up with the good work.
Pichu pichu!!! thanks man, i did a looooot of graphics and gameplay improvements, now it really seems like quite a game, hah? it's a relief, and now, i feel proud of doing this work, i just look at the game and smile :')
Gracias kathe :D la idea es que sea difícl ^_^ jajaja
Senpai noticed me *o* xD joven, para que compile a la primera hay que tener un pacto con satanás :v tenkiu veri muxho :'v
Nevermind, it was either greenfoot or my pc, the programm is fine, keep up with the good work. Nice game.
Está bien :V jajajja joven, solo falta que no sea una ultra-metralladora de monedas infinitas, pero en general el diseño está chevere. Muy bien.
Bien hecho, 2 cosas por mejorar en futuras versiones, ya estan las instrucciones, así que es mejor por defecto que el juego empiece ahí o en un menú donde se puedan ver las instrucciones, y mejorar un poco la colisión con estructuras c: pero está bueno.
KingAlert LOL a nice detail ;) hahaha