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@Jhon Smith Hi! I'm sorry, I didn't check the gallery the last days... Do you still need some help? If you're new in programming in Greenfoot I would highly recommend you to check the API and also watch some tutorials from one of the authors of Greenfoot! ( ) Thanks for your trust, GameCode =)
Just did a similar game. You could have the source code for the stars =)
What do you mean with errors on desktop version? Do you get this black square too?
Yes, I'm just working on that =)
Cool, is nur n bisschen zu schnell, man sieht die explos kaum noch. Außerdem kleiner Bug, wenn man auf nen "Kreuzer" (1x1) schießt, wird der zuerst sichtbar, wenn man dann nochma draufschießt kommt erst das rote Ding. Ansonsten aber prima =)
Warum ist hier son komischer scrollbalken???
Meins kommt auch bald =)
I like this little jumping "animation" =)
@lirki At one of my scenarios I got the same mistake with this squarebox. For some reason everything works in Greenfoot. But as soon as I export it to .jar there is this stupid square instead of my game. Maybe it's a bug in Greenfoot