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Fixed score. But I do not know why it is so laggy. I think it has to do with a large number of random generators. Any help?
That sounds really good. But I am not up to working on THAT at the moment. I want power-ups next :)
L and R arro keys move. More killer rocks spawn as the game progresses. I need to work on a lot of stuff. For the future: power ups (get tiny, super speed, phase shift, etc....) different falling things that kill you (Big rocks that block the view of the smaller ones, maybe some exploding rocks that shower little fragments, a bouncing rock, etc...), and even maybe a pause!!!. Anyways... comments,--and more so--suggestions appreciated.
+9 Gf pts for scream.
I encountered an error when I was killed rapidly twice in a row and it sent me into the -lives by which i played the game infinitely.