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I am so glad someone uploaded something like this and i love Snooker. What i think you could incorporate next is an actuall pool cue and have an "aiming retical" (i.e. a line from the que ball that shows what balls its going to hit and maybe where they could go) because it would be easier to be more accurate. when i am playing i find it sort of diffacult to get the shot i want because i cant aim very well. But other than that i really like this game.
AI is way too intlelgent, they need slower reaction times. or at least slow down the game. other than that good concept!
This looks really intresting. I really like the textures! This kinda reminds me of that old windows 98 maze screensaver! lol. I look forward to see how you could make this into a game (i.e. mazecraze, fps etc.)
This is an exelent concept! it has the potential to be a great game! Just a few things... the "w" and the "s" key for down and up is reversed, im not sure if this was intended. And i feel the tanks could use some better AI. in that they dont just move all over the place and aim at each other, they should move with a purpose. other than that, its looking really good! keep at it!
I am intrested to find out where your going with this. One comment though. check your code. I have played this game on 4 different computers and every time about maybe 10-15 seconds after i start playing everything suddenly moves to light speed and the game lags out. i know its your first try but keep at it.
Its actually really addictive. you cant do much as of yet other than fly and shoot. I cant wait to see how this all comes togather. looks good so far! keep it up!
Great idea, what you might want to do though is add i limiter to the movement up and down, in that insted of holding down the up button and you climb very very quickly, when you press up (no matter how long you hold it) you only go up or down 1 level. I thought overall it was very entertaining
Nice take on frogger. what you might want to do is change the movement so that when you press up or down the pig moves within a grid (each lane of traffic/each lillypod or log). and you might want to correct your spelling at the end. other than that very nice!
I agree with RHE. I like the recursion idea. What you might want to do is try to do is make it so its not so "processor dependent" in that it takes a few good seconds for it to zoom in. other than that, i think this could turn into a sweet maze/surfing game if you so wish.