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Looks like once the particle hits the top border it ends up in some error.
This was a pleasant surprise for me. Up until just few minutes ago, I never expected anyone to make an application alike to one of mine. "Hidoter" I made was mostly for practising as well. Once I was done with that project, I went up to the next stage, where I decided to add more features to the game. I named it as "Hidoter 2" but the development phase had gone frozen - as it goes, got extra busier than before, but in near future I might get some spare time to return at working on it. Oh and yeah, due to a reason I had to remove from my project list "Hidoter", but I will re-upload it later. Thank you for including a reference to my application. I was happy to see and to try your application, and well done! :)
[Forgot to add] Continuation to the changes: 10) Changed the representation of cards to improve the speed of perception. 11) Map of cards was changed: All cards were moved on one position to the left. Aces were put after Kings.
Yes, that's what I meant, thanks for the correction.
Nice! This looks like a future add-on for the Photoshop application or any other image-manipulation program ^^ Apply such 'sandomize' operation and get the final output from the target image/layer^^. Maybe you could write one, despite it may be in another programming language heh, still worth of a try. :) Any ways, good work!
You may want to disallow the after-action visual effect (such as squares, rectangles) floating above the piano's keys. It stops the mouse from its interaction with piano key, once such effect gets below the mouse's pointer.
actinium, thank you for nice commenting. I'm glad you have liked the game graphics. By the way try my other game called "PiratesChess". You will surely see some more interesting graphics. :) To make puzzle solvable, I applied here the same solution with the one you mentioned in your recent post.
Serious problem: game doesn't work (it gets freeze condition once you try to move)... I am working over it right now...
Thank you davmac, for a nice comment and also for pointing out some game problems. The mentioned things are quite easy to fix, so that's what I will update in few couple of minutes. Currently, the enemy's health can be viewed after you clicked on its ship, but while the option of "day and night" is turned off. That's because there is a picture, which doesn't allow to click on anything that is on the map (rocks, ships, bonus items) and that picture was placed there to make an effect of a day and night, using transparency.. The current game code does not represent the best way of coding, and it is getting harder and harder if I want to make another significant update for this game. So, once I am done with the exams in my University, I will take my time to fix the rest of the problems of the game by reconstructing it from almost zero. =)