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I knew i should have hard-coded the piggys limits, it's just that nowadays i know better but now afraid to change the code in case i might brake something.. Tell you what, i fix it if someone makes a better game already, this has been on the front page too long :P
Good stuff :) (i believe the if statements are an unfortunate artifact from my way of coding, sorry about those)
i don't really have any special signature thing like that.. well all i ask if you submit your scenario here make sure it's source is public as well
sure thing, feel free to use any of it you want to
Mecha: Get IrfanView ( save image as gif with it (if save with transparent color is checked it let's you choose which color you want to be transparent)
Ok ok ok (stop giving me work :P I'm kind of busy with my univ assesments right now, so there won't be any updates for a long time
Thanks! Well that level just needs some timing actually, the trick is that on the third elevators from top (or the ones in the middle) the fires wont reach you.. or at least have trouble doing so Its just that i never felt the third one would need an extra level like that. Or maybe its that im lazy. Dunno.
just updated it, you can change it now
Thanks all! (i still cant believe it won :O