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Busch2207's Scenarios

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play In Shadow
plays 5510 / votes 21

In Shadow

by Busch2207, 2013/6/3

Sneak through the shadow and attack from ambush!

play MouseClass
plays 4144 / votes 6


by Busch2207, 2011/9/1

A very useful class for different Activities with the mouse.

play Adventure
plays 42885 / votes 123


by Busch2207, 2012/8/31

A 2D RPG with many extras.

play Pixel-perfect collision detection
plays 10529 / votes 21

Pixel-perfect collision detection

by Busch2207, 2013/11/9

a simulation of a pixel perfect collision detection

play Easy-To-Use-Button
plays 794 / votes 1


by Busch2207, 2017/5/1

A Button-class which is easy to use!

play Base Defense
plays 2545 / votes 5

Base Defense

by Busch2207, 2013/9/18

A small game without any Actor-subclasses

play Shooter For Ways
plays 4136 / votes 10

Shooter For Ways

by Busch2207, 2011/11/9

You have to bring the balls to the barrels with the right Colors.

play Images like Sand
plays 5912 / votes 28

Images like Sand

by Busch2207, 2012/3/14

this images decay similar like sand.

play Interpolation
plays 1135 / votes 1


by Busch2207, 2014/6/2

Creates a polynomial through the given points with interpolation

play Darkness More Objects
plays 4991 / votes 6

Darkness More Objects

by Busch2207, 2012/5/18

How to create Darkness with some different lightning objects