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I suggest you make it follow the mouse. It's a lot smoother than the keyboard. Don't kill me! You can use my code: It's very lonely, since I haven't been working on it.
Fresh Programming Homework. I'm still here. :D I've just been working on other game projects for a while. I will start on the homework sometime this week! This site really needs private messaging.
They're like little baby ducks. :D
I could change it so that if you don't set a turning speed it defaults to an instant turn. The code I have now does make it turn instantly, pretty much the same as yours. The speed just has to be at least 180 degrees per frame.
Yeah, I could add something like that. Right now you can change the turning speed in the code, so I could map the mouse scroll wheel (or keyboard keys) to increase and decrease turning speed. Then setting a high speed would make the turning instant.
I looked at your code and it helped me fix something in mine (mouse stuff). :D
I can't get past 10. :( Also, I wish I was making games and stuff when I was 11. That's pretty awesome.
Yes, it'd be nice to see people get some use out of this for their own projects.