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In reply to NikZ; Thanks I'll look into it.
there will be more variation in the future as well. :) Hopefully
Don't worry i'll change that
In the next update: -Add seals into the game properly. -Add sharks!!! -Add frogs!!!
In the next Update: -Reversing. -Acceleration. -FROGS!!!
In the next Update: -Have a jump function. -Add a timer and scoreboard.
In the next update: -Add in killable people. -Remove frogs. -Add a timer and scoreboard.
Any suggestions would be welcome as well as any tips on how to the things I plan to do in the next update.
What I would like to do with this game in the next update: -Make it so colours that have already changed don't re-mix. -Add more colours. -Make the colours create paint trails behind them to paint he background.