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Nice game (: It's very good that you added instuctions, I think it's very important. But you may want to improve them by changing the font, the color and by adding visual elements (like pictures of the characters). And you wrote "became" instead of "become", you should fix it... I also think that the snake is too powerful, why don't you let the crab eat the snake? (;
Awsome game! looks like you worked hard on it... I like the idea of the animals, it realy improves the game. But when I touch the edge of the screen the crab turns clockwise, did you do it on purpose?
Awsome improvement! I like especially the arcade mode, but the freezing time is too long... And what about combo? I think it will be very cool if you add it.
Very cool (; I like the graphics, it's very unique. Try to make a big image from all the keyboard and when you press all the buttons you can see the image... Beside, please add other kinds of sounds (maybe zebra sounds XD)
Funny game XD You may want to add other kinds of feet, add effects and sounds for cutting. And change the color of the score counter, I almost can't see it... Very original idea!
Try the new version!
Amazing game! I can see you worked hard on the finishing. I like especially the store, it was a great idea. I think you should change the font and the size of the string, it's very hard to read it. Beside, the game always stucks (maybe it's a problem only in my computer). And I don't know if you noticed, but the proton wave doesn't desapeare when it collides with an asteroid... You may want to add other kinds of asteroids. Keep proggramming awsome games! (:
I'm working on it, soon you'll see a new great version.