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great game!!! players be careful: dangerous addiction risk :)
good updates to the game. I liked the levels addition and the time to release proton wave. The proton wave is too strong and too frequent to my opinion. the game can be easier if you use only proton wave. I recommend you to find a way to make ir weaker.


Good cooperation game Can you add an option for single player?
great game :) I especially liked the diversity and the creativity of the animals. I'll be glad if you could present this game in class.
great game, funny and cool. good greenfoot joke :) The new versions really improve the game. especially the arcade mode was fun for me I loved the fast paste action race against time more than the other modes.
great game :) לא הצלחתי לירות פצצות באמצעות לחיצה על q


good game. the simplicity of the game makes it addictive. maybe more objects will make the game even better...
good game :) praggramming well done. I really liked the location roler, the rockets adds humor to the game :)
great game :) I liked the game concept, the soundtrek and the speedup imrovement. small bug report: check the scoreboard score at the end.