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Well like the crab games you could make it real simple and add some evil people like the squid guy and make them eat patrick or you could make the game real hard by making levels or something. Use your imagination.
For me you can't do anything. Is there a but or have you not finished it yet? Please reply back soon.
This is a great game!! I just have one question - how do you beat the boss ghost?
This is a simulation right, not a game? If it's a simulation it's very good. Keep up the good work.
When the ball hits the side it just stays there. Maybe you could add some code to say "game over!" And then a new game starts or something. Also I think you should make the paddles move a bit faster, it's hard to get to the ball fast enough but then again that could just make it hard. Very good game, probably best pong game made!
When do you think you'll be finished?
How do you play and why when you get the ice cream cones the score goes down. Are you supposed to somehow put them in the "Krusty Krab restaurant"? I don't mean to be offensive but you should really write downs some pointers on the top.
This game is awesome!