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Played the game, good gameplay with some nice animations to the characters, as well as instructions on how to play the game, the story of the game, option to playing the game, and the ability to replay again. However, I have to note, there's sometimes a glitch with some of the zombies that spawn in the 3rd world, were when a zombie spawns of the left side of the screen, instead of heading towards the right, it moves to the left and stays stuck there, as well as it being un-killable when I try to shoot it. Never the less, the game is still playable and this glitch doesn't affect the gameplay so its no biggie to some players. But I do wish there was more music to this game (New music per each level). Still, Great game overall. (Also, isn't the music in this game from Telltale game "The Walking dead: season 1"?)
This game has potential, controls are simple for the player to understand; however there aren't any instructions on how to play the game, which may leave some players clueless on what to press! Another thing is I find the cars and other obstacles a bit too fast to dodge, giving the player little time to avoid anything, maybe make the world a bit bigger in height? Also, I noticed that there's no sound, which is fine, but it'd make this game better with a little sound. Anyway, this game has a great idea, with the option to start again and give the player a drive to go for a greater score than their previous one. Just need to fix the speed of some of the objects and the game is good to go!
There's too many asteroids; this can put the player into impossible positions were they have no choice but to get hit by asteroids, making the player cheated (Maybe have some way for the player to destroy an asteroid?). You should also do something about the music; after the player has gotten the game over screen, the music still continues. No problems with this, however its when the player starts a new game that the music plays over itself, which can be annoying. Nether the less, the game is looking good; design of the title screen and the objects look great. Instructions on how to play the game are made clear and the option to go back to the main menu are available once the player loses. The game just needs a few fixes here and there, and it'd be good to go.