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Minor change which condensed code and prepared it for the "smart" computer. I will be working on it tomorrow and during that itme I should fix the following: - Fix bug in rotation: If you place a ship out and then rotate it, it can go off the grid or over anohter ship - Fix ghost spots on even-length ships: When you drag them out, the ghost spot can mess you up - Fix the off-screen boats bug: Vertical boats can go off the bottom of the screen And get a considerable amount done on "smart computer"
haha the timing was perfect for me... I hit run and then waited and right when i was looking at the button to make sure i hit run, it changed... then when i looked down again to make sure it was still running and hadnt stopped yet, it changed again:)
haha another one like my wet paint scenario:)
This new version has only two changes, one is a delay between your move and the computers. The second was a memory thing which I will go into detail about tomorrow.
Trying to upload a new one but keep getting errors... "Publish failed: Unrecognized respose from server" "Publish failed: Unrecognized respose from server: 404" "Publish failed: Unrecognized respose from server: 404" grrrrr
i would do the following: up - forward down - back left - strafe left right - strafe right a - turn left d - turn right i just think strafe works better with the forward/back part cuz strafe is a side action as is forward/back, not a turning and then a/d because i prefer to use ring finger and pointer finger for direction instead of my middle finger this way i can make a quick strafe/right turn without two keys on the same hand... kinda lol thats my opinion:)
I changed the text to be bold for the score keeper, I added the help, and the alert boxes telling you when you lose.
thats awesome, good job:)
It's tricky ;) My greatest accomplishment with it is being able to lose in 6 moves, the earliest I ahd seen before that was 18 and decided to go for the lowest possible... I got 15 then 12 then 9 and now 6. It seems to go in 3's.