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I'm not really sure how long it took, as it wasn't an extremely short project, and it wasn't done all at once. Originally it was a modified version of the Asteroids project, but it's very much more than that now. In terms of development of the original, I would say perhaps a few weeks, although that was almost a year ago so I don't quite recall. I finished the framework a bit earlier, and adding ships is pretty easy now.
I find your notation for radicals kind of jarring. I think it would be better if you did 4^(1/2) instead of ^2_/4.
Thanks! I don't really know what you mean by off center.
Looks good so far, but do you just not want a scrolling screen or have you not been able to do it yet? If it is the latter I could help you with that. There is some code that is not necessary or too complicated. For example, in the ShootingManager, you have two subclasses when all you really need is one Bullet class (or whatever). What you need a field called speed, and just add that to x like you are. However, in the constructor you could have a field called Direction which is either 1 or -1 (right or left) and then multiply the speed by it. Also, for the killBadGuys(), you don't need to have two methods for it, you can just call the one method like this: if (!kill(BadGuys.class)) remove(); This way you call your method and do the remove with much less code so that you can really tell what is going on more clearly. Finally, this code could simply go in the act method because it is succinct enough to not over complicate the method.
Thank you! Glad we could reach a compromise too.
However, when the ball goes into the blocks, it gives you a way to not be hit by the falling lava from the stalactite which you see in some levels, or a way around the spike platforms.
There is a note above, I am aware you can hang onto (or roll on the bottom, as you put it) and walk into the walls. And the block sometimes you do fall too far into the blocks, but that's only happened to me once while testing, but I'll see what I can do. Just roll out of it for now.
Point taken, but technically if you were in a spaceship the size of most of the featured ships (or really anything that has air inside it), you would be able to hear the shots from your own ship being fired. And if the cannons ejected enough gases (or any), then one might hear something from that as well, although it would probably be a high-pitched pinging noise.
Oh yeah, I forgot to warn you about that!