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shrucis1's Scenarios

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play Flappy Bird Shoot 'em
plays 6167 / votes 2

Flappy Bird Shoot 'em

by shrucis1, 2014/2/18

A parody of Flappy Bird, more in a shooting style

play Square One
plays 2175 / votes 3

Square One

by shrucis1, 2014/2/17

A game I found in an unused folder...

play Some Random Tests
plays 835 / votes 0

Some Random Tests

by shrucis1, 2014/1/1

Ignore them, they won't work anyways

play Reusable UserInfo Support Classes
plays 2305 / votes 1

Reusable UserInfo Support Classes

by shrucis1, 2013/12/29

Some classes that support storing number values using UserInfo strings

play Simple Game
plays 38480 / votes 16

Simple Game

by shrucis1, 2013/12/4

Very simple game that is suprisingly addictive

play Tower of Hanoi
plays 3461 / votes 3

Tower of Hanoi

by shrucis1, 2013/12/9

An interesting mathematical puzzle/game that I created a graphical solution for.

play Test Game
plays 1107 / votes 0

Test Game

by shrucis1, 2013/12/18

A little test I was playing around with

play One-Time Play test
plays 1355 / votes 1

One-Time Play test

by shrucis1, 2013/12/10

A test that only allows you to play the game one time.

play Breakout V0
plays 2654 / votes 0

Breakout V0

by shrucis1, 2013/12/8

A basic breakout game I'm working on.

play Recruiting an Artist
plays 1248 / votes 0

Recruiting an Artist

by shrucis1, 2013/12/2

I need an artist, or really anyone good at art, to help draw graphics for my games.