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I've gotten 240. You might want to try allowing the player to move both sideways and vertically at the same time. It feels a little stiff when you can only pick one or the other.
Good challenge. Levels 2 and 3 were tricky. I'd like to see more levels in the future. Also, I've seen games like this have tiles where you can only move across them a certain number of times before they become blocked off, so you could always try special tiles if you want to (maybe not that particular kind, but something along those lines).
It's a little bit on the difficult side. I also noticed a lot of slow down at the boss when there are a lot of enemies on screen, which isn't helped by the fact that you kill the enemies very slowly without god mode turned on. You might want to change damage values to make it somewhere between normal and god mode settings (minus the infinite health) and remove some of the enemy instances on the final screen. Also, I found an interesting bug. If you beat the game, and then hit reset and start a new game, your character retains the black body from the credits screen, but the head and gun arm will be normal. Also, the head and body often face in opposite directions and are disjoint, so it looks like the body is moonwalking. On a related note, having an option to allow the character moonwalk through the game would be pretty cool. One final thing. It doesn't affect the game very much, but I noticed that when pressing "g" to turn on god mode, it is sampling too quickly for input. So when you press the button, it quickly turns on and off the mode faster than you can perceive, resulting in a 50% chance that you land on god mode when you release (try firing the gun while holding "g" to see what I mean). In the future, you might want to either give a timed delay for input (wait 1 sec before accepting any state changing input a game mode), or implement a "press and release" accepting method of input so that holding down the button doesn't change the mode more than one time. It doesn't matter much for this particular game, but it's a game mechanic that is common in many games and would be to your advantage to learn early. Other than that, good job. I hope I get to make something this cool when I do my senior project.
When you die, it says "You Died! Press Enter to die again". Was that intentional, or is it supposed to be "try again"?