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*As an ammendment to my previous comment, you could try to have there be some regions of to the side that the enemys can pass through but the player can't.
You basically can just hug the right or left edge and wait till they leave a gap...
Correction, This doesn't have pm. Sorry. I thought it did.
yes. sorry I didn't get to you yesterday. Hi! You can always send me a private message. :)
Can I ask what the real difference is between 1.0 and 1.1 versions? They seem about the same. If its just optimization, thats fine, but they seem almost the same. (Also, my bugish-report on the last one still applies here)
Bugish report: I already found a work around, but the controls are misleading. You should have a note saying to turn numlock on. It would be nice to find out if its possible to bypass that, but I don't know. At the very least, you should have a note somewhere.
Good! I think to add to the 3d affect you are going for, you could create separate images for each region of the screen, that way, it looks like the ship is actually moving in relation to the camera.
Umm, no offense, but if it is "quest for finding home", Why would your goal to be blowing up everything? Maybe "Quest for destroying home by accident"
^ true, but not right at the center, you should have some lee-way