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trimil's Scenarios

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play UserSample(W.I.P)
plays 483 / votes 0


by trimil, 2016/7/8

Work in progress

play Animated
plays 800 / votes 1


by trimil, 2016/5/16

Support classes that allow you to animate actors

play Circle Catcher
plays 1041 / votes 1

Circle Catcher

by trimil, 2016/5/12

Catch the falling circles

play Screensaver
plays 999 / votes 2


by trimil, 2016/4/29

A simple screensaver-like program

play Thing
plays 833 / votes 0


by trimil, 2016/4/22


play Collision Detection Demo
plays 1012 / votes 0

Collision Detection Demo

by trimil, 2016/4/18

A demonstration of my new Mover class

play Genetic Simulation
plays 1160 / votes 0

Genetic Simulation

by trimil, 2016/3/12

A simulation of creatures based on evolution and DNA

play Breed Frogs (Inspired by Natural Selection by Mik)
plays 1521 / votes 0

Breed Frogs (Inspired by Natural Selection by Mik)

by trimil, 2014/6/28

In this game you breed frogs to make new ones.

play Streching Dots
plays 1920 / votes 5

Streching Dots

by trimil, 2013/9/4

Dots that strech as a green foot moves

play Color changer
plays 1312 / votes 0

Color changer

by trimil, 2013/8/31

a world that changes colors.