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I love it when the wombat explodes!
I love #5 ;)!
Made mistake in last update, meant to say "Added source" :)!
In your code: {code} /** * Used to get the colour of the text depending on * the distance from the start to the end of the journey * @return Returns the colour of the falling code */ public Color getColour() { int i = ((getY() / 10) * 7); int alpha = i > 255 ? 255 : i; return new Color(colour.getRed(), colour.getGreen(), colour.getBlue(), IS_LEADER ? 200 : alpha); } {/code} you should use a different name for your variable "i" because variables named i are, in java, used for loop counters and should not be used for anything else.
99.42% 21 seconds!
I made 4 squares by removing 5 sticks!
Good ideas, but i don't no how to update it.
To see it you could also stand far away.