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Alright give me a few days to remake and make sure i have everything right and then i will make the video.
Alright 62! aww 4th place i must try harder! Haha i love how this game is so simple yet addictive for some reason.
If anyone wants I can make a how to video.
Nope. sorry.
I'm assuming your generating the three types from random numbers, take out the instance or creation for the arrow one there and add and if statement. ex:if(arrows <= 2){ addobject(arrowballow,randomx,randomy) modd that to fit your code and you should be alright.
I found it harder to hit the ball than not haha. theres one bug i only revived the game over message when i ran out of arrows, shouldn't i also get it if i hit the ball. Also the more arrows balloons came up to frequently to make the game a challenge. i suggest having them only pop up when you have two arrows left so you can only miss it once. As far as gender goes its a game treat it as such an no one will care. I've seen guys play Lara Croft and galls play Kratos. people only care about the game being fun which luckily this is,
@Laurelinad Thank you. I still hope to make it better once i learn to set the fonts for the score and maybe some background music. @ potus2037 i will make it two player in a few days and raise the score,. as far as color i was keeping it simple so it would be "retro" lloking back on it now i should have inverted the colors. i think im going to change the most of the gui, add two player, background song if anyone wants it, fix the score problem(wich technically is players not mine i warned you all in the summery) if anybody wants anything else let me know.
Please post the source code. I'm having trouble making a chasing object set to the right angle.