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@danpost - Thank you very much for your help. It turns out calling super.act() solved my problems. :)
First of all, great scenario - implementing it has been a lot of help with my platforming game. I've got a bit of a problem with creating platforms for my world. I figured the easiest way to add platforms to my world would be by instantiating a 3000x400 world where I'd be able to add a bunch of platform objects all over the workspace, saving the world when I've placed them where I want them. After that, I change the parameters for the world object by instantiating the scrolling world with 400x400 dimensions. Everything runs fine; all platforms that I've added to the world are placed successfully via the prepare() method of the SWorld subclass, but the problem I'm facing is trying to get all of my platforms to be prepared from the far left of the world boundary as opposed to the centre. I've noticed that you've provided a means to spawn the player at the far left of the world and that works fine. I'm just wondering how I'd be able to do the same thing with platforms. I hope this makes sense. Many thanks in advance.