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wow~para naghapot po..dae na mauutro~
aahhh i understand..heheh,,sorry~ your game is unique and i think Chinese chess is Difficult plus i can't understand mandarin that much or chinese.. or Taiwanese.~
Yeah..thanks a Lot danpost,,,:D
LOL~~yang..yaun ka saen???
@diane..yeah i think so too...programming makes my head topsy-turvy..hhahahah yeah,,because he's goooood at it,..i wanna learn more, tooo..hahaha
in my scenario,,there are problems..but,uuhh..but practice makes perfect ,right?? i need more knowledge about programming although it is difficult,
but you are good with it so, i think you enjoy and like programming a lot..
hey @diane~~hey yang!!ehhehe yeah..same here..i agree with her,, it is good and really,,i think it is so hard to make those??
ooohh..all chinese..are u a pure chinese??