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Can I see the source, please? I'm curious as to what makes it lag so much.
I really liked your game when I saw it in class, and playing it now, I still really like it. However, there are a few issues with it: -Zombies pass through walls every now and then (you probably already are aware) -After a while (a rather short while), there's just a ton of lag. And to compound this, the wave timer is in real time, so if you lag, even more zombies will come at you. -Despite your best efforts, sitting in a house is safe except for the occasional zombies that pass through walls. I can literally just sit in a house and only check back every now and then to kill a wall jumping zombie. However, I still like it.
I beat it, but I somehow got -16 lives on the last level because the boss got through? Either way, it's really fun and well thought out. Some of the retro games were underpowered, as it was extremely easy to die, and I never figured out the line one. Good game.
I like it. But I must say that it is rather difficult to see and dodge bullets, as they are tiny and red and don't seem to have enough contrast. And it's rather difficult. But I like it.
It isn't working for me, the ball just flies to the right side and sits there.