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OK, I updated your scenario^^
try instead of using MouseInfo MI = Greenfoot.getMouseInfo(); if( MI != null && MI.getClickCount() > 0 ) if (Greenfoot.mouseClicked(this) I think this will ehlp you ;)
This tool is very great, thanks for the update!
I think it's easier to set the images, that doesn't cost so many ressources ;)
Do you have a program like GIMP? If yes, you can reflect your images horizontally so that your actor looks in the direction in which it goes ;)
OK, you guys have to open it in Greenfoot, otherwise you aren't able to play all programmed levels...
Do you guys get a java heap space too when entering level 8?
Lol. You can use a program like "GIMP" to set an alpha transparency channel for your donuts ;) And use the "getOneIntersctingObject(Clss clss)" method instead of "getObjectAtOffset". This should make your program better ;)
Thanks, but the "destructor" still doesn´t work, because it isn´t executed. If you guys know how to solve this problem, I'd be really thankful :)