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Thank you ^_^! Works perfectly, your scenario is extremely useful
Hi there! First of all, I think this is extremely helpful and easy to use. Thank you for the upload :) I've been trying to implement this into a platform game for college and it works perfectly until an object is removed from the game. In my case, a coin when the player collects it. I get the following error.. java.lang.IllegalStateException: Actor not in world. An attempt was made to use the actor's location while it is not in the world. Either it has not yet been inserted, or it has been removed. at greenfoot.Actor.failIfNotInWorld( at greenfoot.Actor.getX( at sWorld.scrollObjects( at sWorld.act( at greenfoot.core.Simulation.actWorld( at greenfoot.core.Simulation.runOneLoop( at greenfoot.core.Simulation.runContent( at I think i have it pinned to the array in the world class, and its still trying to place the object once removed. What would you recommend to fix this?