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very cooooooool can u plz open source code?
can you plz open the source code for this game???
can you plz open source code?
Can you plz open source code?
Hello Danspot Can I ask you if you have any demo about Mario game? thx
can u plz open source code?
great & well explained
Can u plz explain this part of your code for me? I understand that it's the delay for the loop but what does >0 then delay -- ??? private void delay() { if (delay > 0) { delay--; } if (delay == 0) { play(); delay = 15; } }
@erdelf Yes I read what your wrote put we both posted at the same time, I checked what you uploaded it was only with the update location method. @SPower: everything is fine now, thanks for your advice and sorry for bothering :s