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Hey guys, just wanna make sure that cloud part of the cleaning trash game is beatabl please let me know if it is still unbeatable xD some other bugs are fixed
Awesome game man! I liked it :D You can try to remove the monster lag. It can make the game better!
Kenshinakh is my computer science mentor :P I learned a lot from him I have to admit, his java programming level is way beyond that of anyone else I've ever seen
Yea, my code is extremely inefficient Didn't learn to change my coding until halfway through the contest. Used a whole bunch of if else statements before I realized that I could use event scripts and ints. -.-
@MTK: do you see a plausible reason as to why my game really runs that slow? do u see a solution to the problem?
BlackholeGF: do you mean you move into land when you hit a molecule? Did u punch or did you shoot? I understand why it floated up the land because it was a thing i programmed to prevent the player from getting stuck in the middle of the land in case anything abnormal happened
um... I don't really think ur graphics driver has anything to do with the game =_= it should run fine... java doesn't run on a graphics card, its all cpu processed I think kenshin meant that if my game runs that slow, then his game probably runs slower
Made me stay on the computer for another 20 minutes! Best physics game I've seen yet!
I really like the physics that u implemented!!!