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Oh nooooo.... I forgot publishing source code
@SPower Thanks :) but I haven't checked the comments for this time... I should improve more things including pi problem next time!
Wow! It may be the best smurf game in the world! (I am NOT writing this comments being forced lol)
@MatheMagician I missed that thing. I'm gonna make it smaller on the next time.
and can I draw triangle with gradation by drawPolygon? I'm new to Greenfoot and Java, so I don't know so much about basic methods.
@BuilderBoy2005 I confused the term 'local illumination' with 'global illumination', which are very different.... Anyway, I have to correct it. I used LOCAL illumination. GL is not appropriate for real-time programming.
By interpolating algorithms. The only pre-built method I used is getImage().setColorAt(int, int, Color).
I used global illumination model. Three point lights are attached on the ceiling of the room (the light can be anywhere though), and each wall is made of 20*20*2 triangles, calculating colors on three points of triangles. You may see some cracks when too close to walls. I missed some exceptions when drawing triangles. Once it fixed, I am going to release source code.