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Yes, this is really cool. It has a lot of stuff I hope to be able to duplicate soon. Shame we can't look at the source. :-/
This may just have what I need.. Mind if i poke at the source code?


Fun stuff.
Cool. May I ask, did you have one blanket method to prevent the characters from walking into obstacles? Or did you have to specify each obstacle and program no intersections?
Yesssss. This game rocks.
Thank you for posting your code. It's appreciated. You've done some fine things that I really want to learn how to do!
Yes, please post your code if it's not too much trouble. I see a lot in your game here that I could learn from. I don't want to copy it or anything, I just want to see how you did things.
Doesn't everyone eat metroids? 0.o


This looks great. I definitely has some elements of design that I hope to learn from. It will give me ideas. Thank you very much for leaving the code open for us. It's appreciated!