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Ha. I meant "Where are you?"
"Dear Slimes, Were are you? We waited and waited but ultimately decided that you weren't coming after all." Music's good, and I do LOVE me a tower defense game, but the slimes in this one never showed up.
Will do, but it's going to be long in the making.. It turns out that making RPGs is a vastly more difficult programming experience than I thought and I'm a complete noob programmer. I pretty much just started learning.
I'm hoping to create a turn-based battle system, and your scenario has helped to give me some ideas. Thanks.
This runs smoothly. I'm hoping for more.


I like it. It's a unique idea for an adventure game.
Fun. Short, but fun.
Nice stuff in here. I would love to see how you got the zombies to chase the hero. Mind if I look?
Yes, this is cool. Thanks for making the code available to us noobs who want to learn from this awesomeness.