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Maybe you see somewhere the one big snowflake that can make it stop :D
The snow is just for fun, because it's winter - even if its not snowing at the moment :D Click on the snowflake on the top right corner to disable the snowflakes. But the snow really shouldn't affect the scenario..
I think so; there is no reason to skip numbers, and because you cant delete your account....
Oh, okay. Let's ask user #4, he is the one who banns everyone :D
@bourne: :D for the unconventional methods, see the DOM Attack scenarios The DOM Attack is also basically implemented in Greenfoot 3D ;) You noticed that the screen flashes some times; i put the whole image-loading-process inside the world's act method, but the synchronized act method isn't very cool about handling the time for downloading the website, parsing the data and loading the image; thats why the redraw process get interrupted...
@shrucis1: deleted users ( i think the user data is stored inside a huge sql) are like the following: The users data is just deleted, nothing else...
Hey guys, sry i'm a home at christmas and didn't look at :/ I will upload the source code later :) All in all you are right; i get the username by incrementing download the website; the username is written inside the <title> inside the <head> tag (regex: "<head>.*?<title>(.*?)</title>.*?</head>") now i do GreenfootImage img = GreenfootUtil.getUserImage(name); to get the image, this can be null -> the user doesnt exist the default image -> user has default image otherwise a custom image Happy Christmas to everyone ;)
you don't beat the 1st place ;)
Oh i didn't look at the thread :D Sorry for posting it in here :)