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Inaccurate Grid of Squares?

Gorn Gorn


I tried the following code to make a world of 10x10 black squares. But, the squares are not evenly distributed even though in the code seems like they should be. Can anybody provide a fix? Thanks!
import greenfoot.*;  
import java.util.*;

public class Example  extends World
    private static final int COLUMNS = 10; 
    private static final int ROWS = 10;    
    private static final int CELL_SIZE = 10;

    public Example()
        super(COLUMNS, ROWS, CELL_SIZE); 

    public void act()
        for (int i = 0; i < ROWS; i++) 
            for (int j = 0; j < COLUMNS; j++)
                    drawSquare(i, j, Color.BLACK);

    public void drawSquare(int row, int col, Color color)
        GreenfootImage square = new GreenfootImage(CELL_SIZE,CELL_SIZE);
        square.fillRect(col, row, CELL_SIZE, CELL_SIZE);
        getBackground().drawImage(square, col*CELL_SIZE, row*CELL_SIZE);

Super_Hippo Super_Hippo

4 days ago

Change line 27 to
Or change it it something like this:
square.fillRect(1, 1, CELL_SIZE-1, CELL_SIZE-1);
Currently, you are filling a rectangle between (col|row) and (10|10) in the image with the size of 10×10. So the higher col and row get, the smaller the black rectangles will be. You can also move the content of the act method into the constructor.
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