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Scenarios tagged: zombie

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play Zombie Shooter Demo
plays 7845 / votes 7

Zombie Shooter Demo

by danpost, 2014/9/5

The basics of a zombie shooter game (mock images used).

play Zombie Nation
plays 1380 / votes 0

Zombie Nation

by Ryan54, 2012/5/23

Kill ze Zombies!

play Zombie Attack!
plays 1297 / votes 0

Zombie Attack!

by Reshurum, 2012/10/15

Save the people! Kill the walkers!!!

play PianoKiller
plays 1374 / votes 0


by ColeoCofer, 2013/3/27

Kill zombies while rocking out!

play The Walking Dead
plays 1391 / votes 0

The Walking Dead

by Neill1994, 2013/5/27

Zombie Game

play VZOD Zombie Shooter
plays 1194 / votes 0

VZOD Zombie Shooter

by Klunch, 2013/6/4

Shoot Zombies

play Ninja Assassination
plays 1201 / votes 0

Ninja Assassination

by masakijamie, 2013/6/19

Ninja Killing the Zombie

play Zombie Invasion 3.5.1
plays 1415 / votes 0

Zombie Invasion 3.5.1

by HerzDame, 2013/6/27

play The infection
plays 1040 / votes 0

The infection

by mrjoshdoo, 2013/7/12

can you eat all the humans without getting cured?