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Scenarios tagged: vsues

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play SpaceFighting
plays 363 / votes 0


by MoResto, 2019/6/23

Fight with a friend in outer space

play Battleship
plays 736 / votes 0


by Erriour, 2018/7/1

The game is a standard sea battle, in which you have to play with the computer.

play Sudoku
plays 570 / votes 0


by Meowly, 2018/6/29

This is the playing field on which all the figures are displayed.

play Hacker in Wonderscreen
plays 733 / votes 0

Hacker in Wonderscreen

by Malentium, 2018/6/29

A platformer about Prince Hacker and Princess Compiler

play Pigeon's operation
plays 901 / votes 1

Pigeon's operation

by reyner, 2018/6/29

Medical 3-in-a-row game with a pigeon.

play University
plays 460 / votes 0


by Railfox, 2018/6/29

Try to pass student's exam.

play RedSnake
plays 527 / votes 0


by Foxclip, 2018/6/28

Variant of a classic snake game

play StarWars
plays 464 / votes 0


by Sidez, 2018/6/27

play Sudoku
plays 693 / votes 0


by DmitriyRatnikov, 2017/6/13

Game Sudoku