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Scenarios tagged: uaslp

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play The Adventure of Nobita
plays 26057 / votes 0

The Adventure of Nobita

by, 2014/5/2

CS14 Project

play Cinderella Maze Game
plays 17256 / votes 2

Cinderella Maze Game

by mpanrap, 2014/5/2


play Timer
plays 13730 / votes 0


by Duta, 2012/3/25

A simple countdown timer

play Apple and Banana
plays 13485 / votes 3

Apple and Banana

by DaveBobson, 2015/2/19

The Oranges are taking over the world, they can kill us now.

play MiniGame-Room
plays 12751 / votes 6


by daniel-juan, 2010/11/7

play Space ship
plays 10108 / votes 13

Space ship

by DanyCamacho, 2011/5/3

Conduce una nave por el espacio evitando tocar los diferentes obstabulos que aparecen y destruyendo a los enemigos.

play NullGravity
plays 10021 / votes 9


by AngelDiego, 2010/11/5

play Jump Or Lose
plays 8171 / votes 4

Jump Or Lose

by KradNX, 2010/11/9

This game tests your ability to jump

play survive 60 seconds
plays 7454 / votes 4

survive 60 seconds

by mattie1606, 2013/10/17