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Scenarios tagged: source

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play Mario SideScroller BETA
plays 4244 / votes 7

Mario SideScroller BETA

by Dillybar, 2015/1/10

Test our game!

play pesongky
plays 837 / votes 0


by wisnuzahra, 2015/1/6

play Space Invaders Greenfoot Edition
plays 1989 / votes 2

Space Invaders Greenfoot Edition

by Lollygag, 2014/11/15

Version: 0.2.1-Alpha

play ScrollingWorld showcase
plays 2298 / votes 0

ScrollingWorld showcase

by BenMcBen, 2014/10/26

This scenario showcases a ScrollingWorld class I wrote. You're free to download the source code and check it out. It will let you make worlds that can scroll like in Mario.

play ContainerCatchingTruck
plays 2152 / votes 0


by UNDEAD_DC, 2014/1/9

Truck where you need to catch containers with

play ShipControl
plays 1746 / votes 2


by SanderDub, 2013/12/11

guide boats into the right loading bay.

play Asteroid Defense
plays 1694 / votes 2

Asteroid Defense

by redninja21, 2013/7/27

Use your trusty rocket to defend against Asteroids

play Zombie Slaughter
plays 2749 / votes 5

Zombie Slaughter

by 3dCameron, 2013/2/7

Zombie Slaughter is game in which your only goal is to slaughter zombies and destroy their leader, the boss.

play Zombie Slaughter
plays 4550 / votes 7

Zombie Slaughter

by solokeh, 2012/12/17

Zombie Slaughter is an arcade-style game in which you slaughter zombies.