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Scenarios tagged: sonic

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play Diamond Collector
plays 2325 / votes 2

Diamond Collector

by erdelf, 2013/8/6

Collect the Diamonds

play Sonic(Test) v1.3
plays 2512 / votes 1

Sonic(Test) v1.3

by Sparky, 2013/7/24

This is my progress in 3 days.

play Super Crash Brothers
plays 14300 / votes 25

Super Crash Brothers

by jagrosh, 2013/3/13

Battle your friends or the computer in this 4-player platformer-fighter!

play Sonic The Hedgehog
plays 17518 / votes 0

Sonic The Hedgehog

by xXxpr0sn1p3rxXx420YOLO, 2013/3/13

Classic Sonic The Hedgehog

play Sonic: Metroid Hedgehog
plays 2530 / votes 2

Sonic: Metroid Hedgehog

by jagrosh, 2013/3/13

Dodge and shoot enemies!

play JSonic
plays 4271 / votes 4


by Mygames19, 2010/5/20

An attempt at creating Sonic in Greenfoot!