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Scenarios tagged: simulation

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play BFS vs DFS Ant Maze
plays 51 / votes 0

BFS vs DFS Ant Maze

by jwilshire, 2020/6/9

Ants solve a random maze (if possible) using either a Breath First Search or Depth First Search

play Hunter DEMO
plays 40 / votes 0

Hunter DEMO

by mihaileon0505, 2020/6/9

Chase the food

play Left Hand Ant
plays 55 / votes 1

Left Hand Ant

by jwilshire, 2020/6/8

An ant solves a random maze (if possible) using left hand algorithm.

play Ants
plays 62 / votes 2


by TLHS_GAME_ACADEMY, 2020/6/7

play infinite world
plays 81 / votes 0

infinite world

by LucaForever, 2020/6/6

this is an infinite world

play Hedgehog Burger Frenzy
plays 55 / votes 0

Hedgehog Burger Frenzy

by ExpiredSeaPlant, 2020/6/3

Keep the cute hedgehog from starvation

play Danelios Game
plays 73 / votes 0

Danelios Game

by Danelio, 2020/6/1

Cool Game

play CraZ Rocket beta 1.0
plays 63 / votes 0

CraZ Rocket beta 1.0

by Ultra980, 2020/5/30

shoot - spacebar; control-arrow keys

play Fireworks Simulator
plays 211 / votes 2

Fireworks Simulator

by jonte184, 2020/3/13

This is a game about fireworks (THIS IS A ALPHA VERSION)