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Scenarios tagged: platformer

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play Toll-tally Mad
plays 3534 / votes 4

Toll-tally Mad

by danpost, 2013/5/28

Toll the bell as much as possible before time runs out.

play Bordertale
plays 2273 / votes 8


by joshuanov21, 2020/6/15

Adventure platformer

play (Jumpify) Try to Jump
plays 739 / votes 0

(Jumpify) Try to Jump

by KylesGallery, 2020/1/14

Hard Platformer

play Adventure of a Caktus
plays 937 / votes 0

Adventure of a Caktus

by Finn.C, 2019/11/3

Try to get to the Door!

play isGuy
plays 4098 / votes 8


by Draymothisk, 2013/3/20

One adventure to rule them all.

play Platformer game
plays 976 / votes 1

Platformer game

by platformgame, 2019/6/28

Platformer game

play Mushroom Jumper
plays 918 / votes 0

Mushroom Jumper

by Bobbymon1, 2019/5/23

A short platforming game.

play Pixatale
plays 10205 / votes 16


by HdytRafli, 2017/12/17

play Nebukar Rising
plays 1156 / votes 0

Nebukar Rising

by Nickleus27, 2018/12/6

Puzzle patfromer to get a diamond