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Scenarios tagged: numbers

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play Mandelbrot
plays 860 / votes 0


by Super_Hippo, 2018/2/3

Discover the world of complex numbers

play Protect the Animals
plays 144 / votes 0

Protect the Animals

by Benji, 2019/12/5

Player protects animals from the evil dot

play PrimeSlaughter_v0.6.2
plays 2442 / votes 1


by andrea270872, 2011/12/2

Kill and grow numbers

play Code Crack: Infinity
plays 2450 / votes 2

Code Crack: Infinity

by dan11, 2014/5/31

A code-breaking game, similar to "Mastermind"

play Numbergame
plays 1949 / votes 3


by MicahJF, 2012/2/17

Numbers have invaded our air space!

play PrimeSlaughter_v0
plays 1472 / votes 0


by andrea270872, 2011/12/2

Kill and grow prime numbers

play SliderDemo
plays 7931 / votes 2


by mbread, 2009/2/14

A slider for number selection