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Scenarios tagged: keys

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play The Little Crab Game
plays 1726 / votes 0

The Little Crab Game

by alishaleighbarfield, 2011/9/27

A simple game

play Crab Game
plays 1833 / votes 0

Crab Game

by bella.wesley, 2011/11/2

Move crab with arrow keys. Eat all worms before you get eaten by a lobster.

play Platformer Test
plays 1387 / votes 0

Platformer Test

by JacobJ, 2014/1/16

play Another Asteroids
plays 1254 / votes 0

Another Asteroids

by Repsidy, 2014/4/14

Blow them up.

play My Piano
plays 1862 / votes 0

My Piano

by EvanI9, 2014/7/16

My Piano by Evan Fenton

play Baby Ball
plays 1552 / votes 0

Baby Ball

by ninthlion, 2014/8/29

Babies. And little red projectiles.

play Bouncer
plays 26403 / votes 0


by isabelle, 2015/7/10

Bouncing Game

play Rocketman
plays 1239 / votes 0


by Drew_Lem, 2015/9/8

play Jumps
plays 1444 / votes 0


by CallumJW, 2016/3/27

Platform Jumping Game