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Scenarios tagged: keyboard

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play Jumper Frog
plays 188 / votes 3

Jumper Frog

by Ivy, 2021/1/28

Adventure Game 'Jumper Frog' remake

play Rail Game
plays 3138 / votes 6

Rail Game

by danpost, 2013/12/2

A game where you control the height of both ends of a rail to guide a ball to the target hole.

play Hangman
plays 6638 / votes 12


by danpost, 2014/4/19

A basic hangman.

play Guess the States
plays 385 / votes 1

Guess the States

by DatHeroAndy, 2020/10/21

An US geography guessing game

play Simple Piano Visualizer
plays 1378 / votes 0

Simple Piano Visualizer

by crows, 2013/3/27

It's a piano.

play Save_Andromeda
plays 1054 / votes 0


by ratnapsp, 2013/11/11

play Another Asteroids
plays 1203 / votes 0

Another Asteroids

by Repsidy, 2014/4/14

Blow them up.

play TurtleMaze
plays 1247 / votes 0


by Master79, 2014/4/29

Maze for Turtle

play Zombie Survival
plays 1050 / votes 0

Zombie Survival

by glanputra, 2014/11/28

Permainan mempertahankan diri dari serangan zombie yang lapar