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Scenarios tagged: keyboard

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plays 3283 / votes 3


by depimomo, 2015/4/22

Feed the fish! Beware of starfish, crab, and octopus! (easter egg inside :3)

play The Last Tank
plays 2225 / votes 0

The Last Tank

by radifan, 2015/4/20

Kill the Enemy Tanks

play Rambario - Mario + Gun
plays 3657 / votes 2

Rambario - Mario + Gun

by Dillybar, 2015/1/17

5 Levels with an exciting boss battle at the end

play Battle Balls
plays 1901 / votes 1

Battle Balls

by SurajShukla, 2015/1/3

In hunt of Gold Balls

play Grab-A-Fruit
plays 1867 / votes 0


by Deepshikhabhargava, 2014/12/24

Fruit Game for Kids

play Zombie Survival (The Walking Dead)
plays 2041 / votes 0

Zombie Survival (The Walking Dead)

by riztra, 2014/11/28

Game ini dibuat oleh Mahaputra Hidayat dari Universitas Bhayangkara ( UBHARA ) Surabaya dan Glan Putra dari Universitas Negeri Surabaya ( Unesa ). Gunakan keyboard panah ( arrow keyboard) untuk memainkan game ini.

play Zombie Survival
plays 1625 / votes 0

Zombie Survival

by glanputra, 2014/11/28

Permainan mempertahankan diri dari serangan zombie yang lapar

play Blockem
plays 3372 / votes 1


by dan11, 2014/5/18

A two player strategy/skill game

play CheeseArcher
plays 2563 / votes 2


by Master79, 2014/5/19

SpaceInvaders Remake