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Scenarios tagged: fire

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play Bomberman
plays 6748 / votes 6


by Super_Hippo, 2013/2/1

Find your way through many levels!

play Asteroid Smasher 2
plays 1223 / votes 0

Asteroid Smasher 2

by Emil, 2017/3/27

Fly a rocket and destroy the asteroids!

play SnowMan
plays 1205 / votes 0


by sp_lit, 2016/11/20

School project. Play as a snowman and take out fires by walking on them. For controls, see below.

play Get the Lily Pads
plays 1001 / votes 0

Get the Lily Pads

by tgr0124, 2016/5/2

Get the Lily Pads before the Otters!

play Balloons Verus Elephants
plays 1109 / votes 0

Balloons Verus Elephants

by ronburgundy, 2016/4/20

Stickman shoots balloons at oncoming Elephants

play shark&turtle
plays 1098 / votes 0


by CS_EE, 2016/4/19

This is a shooting game between shark and turtles.

play Galaxy fight
plays 47603 / votes 2

Galaxy fight

by xx.kittykat.xx, 2016/2/18

play MarinecatchesAnt
plays 1305 / votes 0


by MrKaiser, 2015/9/17

catch the ant

play Donkey Kong
plays 2350 / votes 0

Donkey Kong

by Jimmyrowbo, 2015/8/14

Not Finished