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Scenarios tagged: fast

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play Baldachin & aspiratorul
plays 608 / votes 0

Baldachin & aspiratorul

by ROKONDA, 2022/2/28

A typing game where you help a cat escape a vaccum cleaner.

play Highscore speedrun competition
plays 1207 / votes 3

Highscore speedrun competition

by RcCookie, 2020/10/12

Can you beat the online highscore?

play Street Pursuit
plays 1239 / votes 0

Street Pursuit

by knighthawk, 2017/12/6

play test project
plays 1565 / votes 1

test project

by roowilly18, 2014/8/3


play Triplet Rage!
plays 1840 / votes 0

Triplet Rage!

by Galaxy_Gaming, 2014/2/6

The triplets are playing with the fire ants!

play The Bread Monster
plays 3346 / votes 6

The Bread Monster

by Doge, 2013/12/15

A fast-paced game where you collect bread.

play Fast graphics
plays 5532 / votes 1

Fast graphics

by SPower, 2012/7/31

Fast Bresenham algorithms for graphics

play Get Fat
plays 2746 / votes 0

Get Fat

by Riokar, 2011/6/19

Collect Burgers and avoid the Rest!

play Meteor Shower
plays 3650 / votes 4

Meteor Shower

by Mattan.H, 2011/5/16

Fast Typing Game